This sounds too wild to be true, but if you go to McDonald's and order a Burger King Whopper, you'll only pay one cent for the Whopper. What the what?

Download the Burger King app, get within 600 feet of a McDonald's, and use the BK app to order the Whopper. That's pretty much it. Well, you have to go to Burger King to get the One Cent Whopper. They're not delivering to McDonald's.

What would make them do this prank? A new app. They're trying to promote their new app and the best way to do that is to darn near give away food.

BK's done plenty of I really liked was the one where they showed their support for Net Neutrality by showing people what Burger King prices would be like if they were an internet provider.

Then there was this one here the BK dressed up for Halloween.


One time they were pranked by a caller who convinced the Burger King staff to smash out their window. Check that one here.

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