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If you don't use Instagram this may not be a big deal to you, but if you do...it's 10 YEARS OLD! How is that even possible? Not sur, but on October 6th, 2010, not long after the iPhone 4 came out, so did Instagram,

So what's this Easter Egg? Well, hidden in the app is a feature that lets you choose your own Instagram Icon. From the very first one, that looks like an old school Poloroid camera, to the current logo, and a whole bunch of others, including a Pride rainbow.

Instagram says it's only for the month of October. They don't say if the icons'll go back to what was there before, or if you can only change it this month, but whatever you choose will stick around.

Who knows, right? It's Instagram. Just have fun with it. How do you do it? It's super easy...just follow the the instructions in thsi video.

Or, make sure you have the newest version of Instagram, go to settings in your account. Do a super long swipe down...right..right there on the settings screen. IF you do it right, you get confetti and a whoo-hooo and then just choose your new icon. To get out of it, jsut back out the way you came in.

My Five Favorite Grams...

Obviously have to start with the awesomest one ever out of Rochester, Minnesoa...

If you love to dish celebrity gossip, you're NOTHING 'til you follow Just Jared.

I'm not a mom, but these crack me up.

This account gives me all the feels...


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