Wondering how to change your Instagram feed to chronological order? We've got you covered.

Instagram has finally listened and given its users the ability to make their timeline chronological again. On Wednesday (March 23), the social media giant activated the option for users to switch their feeds to a chronological timeline.

You may recall that the app offered chronological feeds through 2016. That year, the app changed its algorithm to curate feed posts based on accounts and posts that users previously liked or interacted with.

Many users, however, became annoyed to see content from accounts they didn't follow suddenly on their feeds, as well as content that wasn't in chronological order, making them miss timely updates from their friends and favorite accounts.

Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, spoke about the update in a new Instagram video.

“We ... think it’s important — and we’ve gotten a lot of feedback — that people have access to a deterministic, chronological feed just from the accounts they’ve decided to follow,” he said. “If you’ve seen my DMs, we’ve gotten that request a lot, so we’re excited to announce that today.”

How to Change Your Instagram Feed to Chronological Order:

1. Locate the Instagram logo in the upper left hand corner of your screen and click on it.

2. Then select the "following" option.

3. Instagram will revert to a chronological feed.

4. If you want your feed to be chronological but only include accounts that you've favorited, click the "favorites" button instead of "following" to choose from a more selective list of close friends.

While this new update does let users change to a chronological feed, users will need to toggle the selection each time they open the app. Unfortunately, there is no default option.

The update only applies to iOS and Android users and is not currently available on web browsers.

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