The packages keep coming to our house, one after another. They generally have a smile on the side of them, sometimes it's got other markings on them. Fortunately, we aren't too worried about our holiday gift deliveries being taken by 'porch pirates' as my wife, Jill, works from home. That's not an option for everyone, and if you have gifts or presents on the way and you aren't home during the day how do you keep the opportune thieves at bay? Here are 7 ways you can protect yourself from losing those holiday gifts. 

I found this article on that goes over some great ways to keep your packages safe, some will cost you some money, others won't.

1. Smart Doorbell - This option will cost you some cash. Some types of doorbell cameras will cost you a monthly fee to use, others are free. They are motion activated and could help nab a 'porch pirate' through a picture of their face, or a license plate from their vehicle.

2. Amazon Key - If you are only getting your gifts through Amazon this might make sense for you. It is a service that Amazon is offering in select areas, where the delivery driver can open your door or garage and leave the package inside. The key system includes video of the person leaving the package, and you control the entrance method.

3. Delivery Bags - I'd never had heard of these before, but they are lockable bags, that also attach to something immovable on your porch like a pillar or post, or even to your front door. This is an option for people who don't want to allow access to the delivery person, or rural areas where it's not an option.

4. Amazon Lockers - These are lockers that Amazon has installed in retail stores in various communities. The driver drops the package in a number locker, you are notified, and then can go and pick up the package at the store. Here is a link from Amazon that shows you if there are any of these lockers in your area. There is no cost to this as it's just an option for delivery.

5. BoxLock - Once again another product I've never heard of but it's a smart lock for a storage box at your house or business that unlocks for the delivery driver and you to access the box. It works with FedEx, UPS, USPS, and others.

6. Large Patio Furniture - If you've got larger patio furniture you can tell put in your delivery instructions to put it behind a large chair, sofa, or loveseat. You've already bought the furniture, and making it tougher for someone to find and or get to the package should deter the thief.

7. Package Guard - It's a weighted package sensor that alerts you via text if your packages have been moved. In the event someone does move your package, a loud alarm will sound that can only be turned off through the app. Also, you don’t have to worry about how much it can handle: This frisbee-shaped device can accommodate up to 400 pounds.

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