I don't know about you, but I run into this dilemma regularly.  That dilemma is: how can I make clothes I already have in my closet look like a brand new outfit? WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR!? I know, I know... it can feel like we're running out of ideas pretty quickly. Then we end up spending more on a new top or dress just because it's new and we need something to be excited about wearing again.

Over the past month, I learned that I was "re-using" my clothes without consciously thinking about it to create a new outfit. Let's face it: we live in Minnesota. Our summer isn't long, but it does come. Since our seasons' change (and change drastically!), I'm learning that layering is your friend no matter what the season is.

Layering can solve the "I need a new outfit because I'm bored" problem. Lately, I've thrown collared tops over maxi-dresses, collared tops under t-shirts, and even switched up hats to create a new look. Sometimes a "front tie" to your t-shirt gives it a new vibe! You can wear these pieces separately or together.

What you're about to see is clothes "re-worn" in different ways. You've seen all of these clothes multiple times on Instagram already!

Recognize any of those pieces? You might!

There are a million ways to wear an outfit to make it look new again. Try some of my suggestions above and use your own items to make a stylish new outfit!


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