Sunday I hosted trivia at The Tap House. I had a blast and was reminded how seriously trivia folks take their game. One vague question nailed that down for me when a ton of people complained. I don't get that into trivia, so the idea of pranking them is a hoot. Here's one great way...

Actually, I have two great ways to prank trivia fans.

a) Ask a super simple question, then insist the wrong answer is correct. Just give in and reveal the prank before they pull out the ear-hole-stabbers.

ii) Keep your eyes out for Trivial Pursuit card boxes. Why? Because they present an opportunity for an oh so easy, and oh so devastating prank. First step? Make sure no one is watching. That's very important. Then, do this...

See? Easy. And all you have to do is wait for the next round of Trivial Pursuit and watch them play that card. If they're real trivia fans, they have a second-sense that'll set off all sorts of warnings. Just sit back, and watch them argue about it with the other players.

Best part? You just got out of a game of Trivial Pursuit you were sure to lose anyway.

JOKES!  I'm certain you would have won. All the pie, yeah

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