The Big Mac is one of life's guilty pleasures. You never feel good after eating one, and you definitely regret doing so immediately, but they go down fast. They're like the Jag Bombs of food. If I could eat an unlimited amount of Big Macs and suffer zero health consequences, I'd be all over it. So when I hear word that they're just giving away Big Macs for free? Watch out.

According to Thrillist, McDonald's is going to be rolling out a pretty cool promotion this week. Starting this Thursday at lunchtime, McDonald's will start giving out a 'MacCoin' when you purchase a Big Mac. Each "MacCoin" can be redeemed for a free Big Mac, which will be available while supplies last. Considering they're distributing over 6.2 million MacCoins, that might be a while.

Basically, it's a buy-one-get-one deal, except you get a shiny coin. As someone who likes both coins and shiny objects, I am on board.

Source: Thrillist

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