It's being resurrected by realtor Kris Lindahl. I haven't known Kris Lindahl for very long, but from the few conversations we've had he definitely comes off as a Minnesota sports super fan, which is probably why he and I get along so well. But today is just another day he gets to prove that loyalty to the world by doing something super cool.

Before I get to that, you should know that earlier this year he resurrected the Maya Moore "Wings" billboard which portrayed the Minnesota Lynx super-star recreating the famous Michael Jordan "Wings" pose herself, and in it turn it made national headlines when it was erected near Target Center in downtown Minneapolis ahead of the new WNBA season back in May. Well after seeing the reception first hand, Lindahl then decided to bring it back to the Twin Cities, and soon that attracted viral attention as well:

So after winning her third WNBA All-Star MVP award this weekend on her home court, the timing couldn't be any more perfect to showcase one of Minnesota's highest-profile athletes in her prime.

Turns out a Rochester-based fan reached out to Lindahl recently asking if he'd do what he did in White Bear Lake and do the same in her town, so now it's Rochester and southeast Minnesota's turn to see the iconic billboard up close!

I had the opportunity to see it happen live, so here's a neat time-lapse video:

The Rochester Maya Moore Wings billboard is now up at the intersection of Highway 52 and Highway 14 and will be there for the next month.

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