The Facebook post about an attempted abduction reminded me we do have human trafficking in Rochester and the area. So I got in touch with someone that deals with this every single day to get you the information you need.

If you missed the Facebook post, part of it said...

They had watched our men walk away and sent the 3rd man into the crowd with us. It was so busy and noisy no one even noticed me screaming at this man, not one single person. And believe me i was SCREAMING at him trying to cause a scene. I called the police to report what happened because i have been a MESS since that night and i cannot get myself together mentally. The police and i went over the entire story and they confirmed it was 100% a kidnapping attempt, these men sell little girls into sex trafficking.

Well, fake or not, it reminded me that a lot of people really don't know that while we're a relatively safe community, it doesn't take men in parks to kidnap your kid. In fact, they needn't do anything forceful because predators know how to manipulate young people.

How big is the threat and how do you guard against it? Here's the video every parent should hear.

WARNING - Some adult language and ideas.

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