Hy-Vee, the Iowa-based grocery store chain, has been expanding into all sorts of areas. Here in SE Minnesota new stores and buying stores (West Circle Drive and Kasson's Erdman's come to mind) have made the headlines.

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The same is true in the Twin Cities, only now, it seems their plans have changed. After buying a bunch of land in the metro, Hy-Vee says customer shopping has changed, so they're selling off five of the sites they previously planned to build stores on.

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Does This Mean Hy-Vee Is Getting Out of the Twin Cities?

Jessica Williams
Jessica Williams

Nope. They aren't closing any stores. In fact, according to a story on kare11.com,  Hy-Vee is still going to build, they just need MORE space than they thought.

"In a statement from company officials, Hy-Vee said sites in Farmington, Chaska, Blaine, West St. Paul and land bought for a second Maple Grove store "are not properly situated" for a 150,000 square foot or larger store Hy-Vee would now want to build."

One of the things they need to have room for is Aisles-On-Line Hubs...a feature that grew at an incredible rate during the pandemic lockdown. That may seem a long time ago now, but not as long ago as this Hy-Vee commercial. Check out the prices!

In other Hy-Vee news, they recently revealed they are building stores way out of what many of us consider "Hy-Vee Territory", new large stores in Indianapolis, Indiana, Louisville, Kentucky, and Nashville, Tennessee.

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