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There's a road unlike most others in Wisconsin that's a must-visit in the wintertime. You actually can only see this road in the winter because it's an ice road over Lake Superior! I never knew such a thing existed but I guess there are a few ice roads around the country. However, according to Only in Your State, this is the only ice road that appears on official state maps.

This ice road is called the Madeline Island Ice Road because it connects Bayfield, WI to Madeline Island, "the largest of the Apostle Islands and the only one with year 'round residents" according to the Bayfield County website. You can drive, bike, walk, or skate across the lake.

Typically there's a ferry that takes residents and visitors too and from the island but of course, that doesn't work out when there's ice, hence the ice road! And when the ice is too thick for the ferry but too thin for vehicles, Only in Your State says that they use the Madeline Island Windsled. It carries people across the ice safely because if the ice breaks the Windsled floats.

Madeline Island sounds like a great place to visit during warmer months too. You can find out more about Madeline Island on their website. But this ice road experience is definitely a unique one! And don't worry, it's heavily monitored to make sure the ice is thick enough.

If you're interested in visiting the ice road make sure to be checking their Facebook page, that's where they keep people updated on the condition of the road and if it's open.

Check out this video from PBS Wisconsin's YouTube channel of the Madeline Island Ice Road:

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