Did you get to watch the fireworks in Rochester on Saturday night?  Just in case you missed them, or you want to watch them again, you can be part of the show right now.

The fireworks were part of Rochesterfest's Community Celebration and were shot off on Saturday night at 9:30 pm from Soldier's Field.  It was a new and different location from the traditional spot we usually see on the 4th of July to help ensure that people were able to social distance while watching the show.

If you missed the fireworks or want to watch it again, I was sitting at the empty Toys R Us parking lot with my family and caught most of the show on video for you.  Enjoy the show again here:

One of my favorite moments of the entire night were a few words from some kids that were in a car behind us.  There was a huge firework that went up really high and I heard, "I think that one almost hit God.".  #adorable

A great big, HUGE thanks to all who helped make this night happen.  Personally, it felt like we had a little bit of "normal" back and it was just great to do something with my kids and family again.  Planning anything right now with COVID-19 is a pretty impossible task, but you made this happen and I'm truly grateful.  (So were my kids!)

Do you think the Soldier's Field location should be THE future spot for all fireworks in Rochester?  Let me know what you thought of the show and the location on my Facebook page (Jessica On The Radio).

Do you know of another fun event happening in Southeast Minnesota?  Get it added to our community calendar here.

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