I need you! I need you for my Polar Plunge Team, The Ice Ice Babies! If we can raise $3,000 we'll be able to make Tracy McCray take her first plunge ever with our team!

The BIG DAY is Saturday...at 1:30, so please, click HERE to join my team. But seriously, I need you on my team, The Ice Ice Babies! The minimum donation you have to turn in is $75.

Saturday, at 1PM, the Ice Ice Babies will meet at Whistle Binkies, enjoy a free shot of Fireball (thanks Jayne!), and then we'll plunge.

SUPER AMAZING UPDATE - The Tracy McCray Challenge

The team goal is $3,000...we need $2,500 to make it, and if we can raise it before we plunge Saturday, Tracy McCray will plunge with us! She does NOT want to plunge, and as Em Cee each year, she's avoided it. But this year, we gotta make it happen. She's promised she'll throw down the mic and jump with us if we hit $3K by plunge time!

The last time I plunged...

If you do plunge, the goodies are awesome! Here’s what you get based on what you raise…

  • $75 — Long-sleeved shirt
  • $250 — Long-sleeved shirt and baseball hat
  • $500 — Long-sleeved shirt and sweatshirt
  • $750 — Long-sleeved shirt and quarter zip
  • $1,000 — Long-sleeved shirt and jacket
  • $1,500 — All incentives
  • $3,000 — All incentives and a Plunge blanket

With all that neat swag, and the change to make sure Special Olympics Minnesota has the money they need to keep on keeping on!

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