Jessica Williams/TSM Rochester
Jessica Williams/TSM Rochester

I'm pretty sure I found the absolute worst toy that is for sale.  And just so all my family knows, if you buy this for my kids, I will find something worse to give to your kids.

I rank toys on a scale of 0 to 10.  Zero being that it is tolerable for an 8 hour ride in a car.  10 being that the toy would annoy me so much that I would run it over with my car on I-90 just outside of Stewartville.

I found a toy that is on my rating scale of a 9.  I'm not running it over quite yet but it will get on my nerves that I may just accidentally leave it in the parking lot at North Walmart.

I talked on Y105FM not too long ago about the "Baby Shark" song and how annoying it was to me.  Some co-workers thought that was funny and actually sent me a few videos of construction workers singing the song - with actions.  I even got a few Facebook messages and DM's in Instagram because of it.  The latest included an article with this toy that is for sale on Amazon, which I have now banned from my house for eternity.

According to, "Baby Shark" plush toys that sing the song with three verses are now available on Amazon.  A few of the characters have been in reality, you could have these toys singing in unison, which would just be heaven, wouldn't it?!

I did search these out, just to see if it was true, and it is in fact true.  Unfortunately for all of America, the Baby Shark and Daddy Shark are all sold out, but the Mommy Shark is still available at a price tag of $89.95 plus shipping.  If you are needing that under the tree, you can buy it here.  

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