My brother Karl, the oldest of the three Rabe Boys, has always been the older brother I could look up to. And today, he nailed it with a new Facebook Comment Code for politics. If you still want to engage in political talk, this handy dandy guide will save you so much time! And save all of us the trouble of scrolling past the nonsense. 

Guest Blogger Karl Rabe elaborates...

Introducing Comment Codes. Instead of wasting all this time arguing on facebook political threads, use these handy comment codes to state your position with these simple codes HH, HxT, TxH, TT.
HH. VOTING FOR HILLARY because... Hillary is the most qualified candidate ever and everything bad people say about her is a Republican fabricated smear campaign.
HxT. VOTING FOR HILLARY because ... there is no way I'm voting for Trump, the most unqualified candidate ever, for any office.
TxH. VOTING FOR TRUMP because... there is no way I'm voting for Hillary, the most corrupt, big money sucking, email slinging, Benghazi murdering, candidate ever. And by the way, her husband sucks too.
TT. VOTING FOR TRUMP because... he will build a wall, kick out all the illegal immigrants, dismantle Obama Care and make White God Fearin' Straight America great again.