Big things are happening in Rochester, Minnesota in 2024.  In fact, something that I didn't think would be happening for a bit just popped up on Facebook...and I think quite a few of you are going to LOVE this new addition to our town.

Ok, this isn't really a "new" addition but the Med City hasn't been graced with this fan-favorite item in several years.  But it's back, baby! 

If you want to spend some time in an igloo, you'd better get your name in fast.


The Igloos Are Finally Back in Rochester, Minnesota!!!

Before I spill the beans on the place that has an igloo waiting for you to enjoy with friends in Rochester, I wanted to make sure you knew that Southeast Minnesota has a few other igloos that have been ready for you to rent out.  I know that this is news you may have missed, especially if you tend to rely on social media showing you the latest stories.  FYI, it doesn't.  It shows you what it wants to show you so unless you are following the Y-105FM Facebook page, downloading the app, or signed up for the newsletter, you are probably missing out on a bunch of local news.  And we don't have a fee to see any of the stories.  Businesses opening, closing, events happening, good news, crime, we've got it all and it is all free.  Grab the app and follow our Facebook page now so you don't keep missing what's happening.

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Hidden Pines Bar and Grill
Hidden Pines Bar and Grill

Speaking of stories that you missed, there are igloos open in a town about 25 minutes from Rochester, Minnesota that are taking reservations now.  In fact, they've been up for almost two months already.  The cost is extremely affordable and is a great way to make some fun memories with family or friends this winter.  Get all the info here - Igloo Rentals Available Now In Southeast Minnesota

READ MORE: Igloo Rentals Available Now in Southeast Minnesota

Hidden Pines Bar & Grill
Hidden Pines Bar & Grill

Now, for the news most of us in Rochester have been waiting for...the igloos are FINALLY back!  You can go ahead and scream with excitement, even if you are at work.  It is news that is worth telling the world.


Whistle Binkies on the Lake is Bringing Igloos Back to Rochester, Minnesota!

Whistle Binkies on the Lake is stepping up for all of the igloo fans and currently has 1 igloo available that you can rent out.  Below is info from their Facebook page about pricing and availability:

❄️We’re bringing winter outdoor dining back to Rochester! Grab your friends and plan an evening out for an enjoyable Igloo experience lake side, on our patio!


We are now taking Igloo Reservations! Requirements are as follows:
• Reservation required
• Max of 8 people per Igloo
• Reservation time limit of 1 hr and 45 minutes
• Automatic Gratuity of 22% added to all Igloo tabs
• Minimum spend requirements:
- Sunday - Thursday: Lunch $100 | Dinner $150
- Friday & Saturday: Lunch $150 | Dinner $200
•Time slots available: 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm, 7pm, & 9pm


⭐️We currently have 1 Igloo available for reservations. Reservations for a second Igloo coming soon!

Learn more at the Whistle Binkies on the Lake Facebook page here.

That price tag is a bit much for my budget so unless you are inviting me to join you in an igloo you are renting out, I'll probably be heading over to the igloo in Mantorville.

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FILL IN THE BLANK: One Thing Missing From Rochester is _______________.

We've got a lot happening in Rochester but I know that a few things are missing.  There are quite a few restaurants and stores that could fill up some of the empty buildings and lots.  But what are YOU wanting?  FILL IN THE BLANK: If ______ came to Rochester, I'd go there are the time.  Let me know over on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio or chime in on the post below.

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