It's been said so many times, I hope I can find a new way to say it. Why do you have to be so mean?

Brother and sister start a fight with each other
Igor Stepovik

All my friends say, "Don't read the comments. Never read the comments!", but often, I want to hear opposing views. So, I do. And yesterday, I was so sorry I did. Is this the world we want kids to grow up in? One where they learn to shout and insult each other to make their point?

It has nothing to to do with KTTC, just the people posting on their page.

Looking at the post about the Rochester Trump Show Us Your Taxes protest, you'd think it wouldn't make so many people angry. Some people got together, said their thing, and then went home (or to a bar for an adult beverage, or to set up a church pot-lock. or wherever).

They followed all the protest "rules". They were peaceful, they didn't block traffic, they didn't spit on police, they didn't refuse to stand during the National Anthem, etc. Which makes the attacks so confusing.

A lot of people posted responses without attacking anyone...

For his taxes? Really? There's MUCH bigger things about Trump to be protesting and marching about.

But many were like this, the emphasis is mine...

There is so many better things to do on a Saturday than go protest about President Trumps taxes. You people are a bunch of moron's, he doesn't need to show his taxes and there is no law that says he does. And like he would listen to a bunch of libtards in Rochester MN. Oh what was I thinking, most of you probably don't work during the week so protesting on a Saturday is no big deal.

I'm politically minded, I'm snarky, and I've been condescending. I have tried my best over the last two years to start asking questions instead of attacking people. However, even at my worst, I never called people morons or some form of the R-Word.

So you don't think I'm picking on one side over the other, this is awful, too. Three different people posting here.

- You got it. I don't care about his taxes. I just want to see him removed from the White House. Preferably in a cardboard box.

-- that a threat on our President?

--- It's freedom of speech...

And then a little later...

There was no threat. Just because someone says that they'd like to see the president killed, it doesn't mean that they are going to act on those wishes..

There are no words.

I risk being called a snowflake, and that's OK. I am emotional, I do care, and I am passionate about a lot off issues. I'm rarely "offended", but I am often annoyed and disturbed. If you wanna call that being a snowflake, fine. Go wild with your bad  self.

Please, tho, think about this; when your kids grow up, how do you want them to interact with each other? If you want them to solve problems by working together with others, and you're the kind person posting the kinda stuff above, what you do will very likely teach them just the opposite.

Changing is hard work, but if we don't change, it will only get worse. And we'll literally teach the future there's no reason to get along.

Random thoughts on how we treat each other:

  • Live with purpose. What's your goal when being nasty or dismissive to someone? Do you hope to get them to see your point of view? How's that workin' for you?
  • If you wouldn't say it in person, please don't say it in a comment.
  • I believe if you can't be kind, being correct has almost no value.
  • We play political team sports...ignoring our own team's bologna but attacking the same on the other team. I think this fuels the level of anger we see, but since people aren't seeing it in their own behavior, it continues.
  • Calling people any form of the R-Word is vile. being unkind anytime is wrong, and making it an attack is wrong so many different ways from Sunday,.
  • If you hated it when team ___ did it, don't do it now.
  • Please, quit talking about how people look. From what I've noticed, calling out the President's weight has nothing to do with anything but gratifying your need to get in a dig. Calling out the first lady's early photo-shoots, when you attacked those calling out Michelle Obama's appearance reveals hypocrisy, nothing else.
  • Someone disagreeing with you isn't the same thing as silencing you.


Here's something to help you feel good about the future. Amazing kids and an amazing teacher!

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