With at least five inches already on the ground and more coming, Rochester sent out a reminder about what we're responsible for when it comes to the snow. Two will require some sweat from your kids, the other almost no sweat...from your kids. No promise on the sweat it'll take you to get your kids to do 'em, tho. (lol)


  • Y'gotta clear the sidewalk. "City Ordinance 72.02: property owners with a public sidewalk or path abutting their property to fully remove snow and ice within 24-hours after a snowfall." If you (or someone you know) can't, get in touch with the United Way or Family Service Rochester.


  • If you have one on your property, please, make sure it's cleared out, too. The extra time firefighters spend accessing it could be the difference between life and death. Tedious? 100%. Really important? Absolutely.


  • This is something I would never have imagined is a problem. Here's what the city says...

In addition to clearing sidewalks and fire hydrants, the community is asked to be timely in removing waste and recycling containers from the paths of snow plows. City ordinance also prohibits placing these containers in the street. Your waste and recycling bins should instead be placed within your drive way or up on the curb. This allows operators to remove as much snow as possible from streets.

Can you imagine coming home and finding your bin buried in snow? Or worse, dragged down the street, or even worser, plowed around so there'll be chunks of snow in the street until it gets warm!

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