Last weekend, I spent some time shopping for jeans with my girl and was reminded of one of my biggest-of-the-big pet peeves - Vanity Sizing! I told my lovely daughter that I am sorry she was born into the age of 'Size 00.'  To my daughter and the other young women of today, please know you are not the size of nothing. (Two nothings?)

It's nothing she hasn't heard before. Last year, we went to the 'Hangar Dance' and she wore her Grandma's prom dress from 1959. If we would've purchased a dress, it would've been a size 2 or maybe a 4. But this dress was a size 11.

Another example? When I was in high school, my back-to-school jeans were usually a size 9/10, but today, even though I am larger than I was then, I wear a 6. Ridiculous!

I'm actually surprised they haven't come up with a Starbucks-like word for 'smaller than XXS.'

"We have that t-shirt in L-M-S-XS-XXS, meenie and einie-meenie."

Unfortunately, vanity sizing works, as usually-sane women EQUATE A SMALLER PANT SIZE WITH SELF WORTH. So what's next? Do we just keep adding 0's to the equation so that some day we'll all be a various level of 'zero?' On that day, my 'size 00000000' daughter and I will still be buying jeans based on fit, not on the size tag.