I didn't know about Funeral Potatoes until I lived in Idaho. They weren't just for funerals, which is a good thing because they're SO good! I woulda felt like a meany looking forward to a funeral just to get the cheesy-potatoe-y goodness. If you've never had 'em, they're basically hash browns, cheddar cheese (tho some use Parmesan, I'm team cheddar), sour cream, butter, cornflakes (or better, potato chips!), onions, cream of mushroom soup (yeah, you can use cream of chicken, blah!), and some people add ham or vegetables. Ham is best. Vegetables are not best.

Nicole Riley
Nicole Riley

There's a shocking development on the Funeral Potato Scene. INSTANT Funeral Potatoes! You can now buy instant Funeral Potatoes at Wal-Mart! Just mix the package with water, bake for a bit, boom. Done and done. It's supposed to be twelve 1/2 cup servings, but if you're an average human being, that means (at best) six one cup servings. If you're likely to eat the entire box of mac/cheese in one sitting, it has two servings.

Are they good? No idea...not enough reviews, but the real question is, "Will you family be able to tell the difference?" I think the answer HAS to be yes.

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