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I would NEVER say Iowa dough-heads find themselves in the most interesting self-inflicted situations, but I sure would think it. Like this guy...Sioux City's Dough-Head Supreme (if he's not, it's only because the SCDH Committee hasn't met since this incident to name him their supreme leader).

Sioux City Court House - Federal Building (Google)

Documents from the court say Jason Funk allegedly tried to get in and steal stuff from a Sioux City home early Tuesday morning. 6:11 AM, to be exactly. Which is very much like a pigs tail (twirly...get it?).

Anyway, trying to get in, he kicked the door. But it was one of those doors with panels, and apparently he has an amazing kick (Vikings?) or the door was on it's last legs, because his foot went right thru it.

Imagine Jack Nicholson in The Shining...only lower and less axey.


There was someone inside, who obviously heard the commotion (because...they don't sell "kick thru doors silently" mufflers at Midas) and called the police. The law arrived while the dough-head allegedly had his foot stuck in the door.

Police say he also broke a garage window and a car window, which damage at more than $1500. So, hauled away to the Woodbury County Jail, and charged with second-degree burglary and second degree criminal mischief mischief...I think that sounds far too wholesome...like a college friend that wants to streak the quad).

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