We are all busy. The last thing we want to do after a long day at work is prepare a meal. Well, this company is ensuring that you don't have to... 


Truthfully, I hate cooking with a passion. The stuff I have time to make is nothing special, and the stuff I want to make, I don't have the time for. All my friends are into prepping for the week. Yeah, I'm all for that, BUT I don't want to have that plain chicken everyday! I need variety in my life.

What if I told you there was an easier way to get that variety, and it would be super easy to put together? What if I told you there is a company that is legitimately prepping meals for you, and all you have to do is throw it in the microwave? Well, this is real!

At first, I thought this is too good to be true. It must cost a fortune. Shipping to Rochester, no way! Fortunately, I was wrong. I just got my first shipment yesterday, and not having to worry about what I was going  to eat for dinner last night or lunch today - huge weight off my shoulder. Whether you're trying something like the Keto diet, you're a vegetarian or gluten free, or you just want to take the guess work out of what to prepare - they have it.

It's called Get Fit Grill. They have a location in West Des Moines and Akeny right now, but are expanding.

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