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If you thought we were past drivers making driving blunders because they follow the GPS, but not common sense, you'd be wrong.

Behold, the power of the GPS, it can make people drive into wet cement.

The Fort Dodge, Iowa, Police Department says they ticketed a 37-year-old Webster City woman after she drove past barriers and right into a fresh patch of concrete. What'd they get her for? Not Dough-Headedness, which should be a charge, right? Nope, they went with failure to obey a traffic control device.

According to police reports, the crew working on the cement patch tried to stop her, but she just kept going. Why? She was following her GPS, and besides, she SWEARS there were people driving through that area with no problem.

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I wonder if she asked to see the road crews manager? "How am I supposed to know what those barriers mean. You should have sent me an email explaining your plan for this area," I imagine her thinking.

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