This seems like an episode straight off the 'Maury' show! Joe, you are NOT the father, BUT you still have to pay child support! Wait, what? The reason he has to pay is because of a state law. Read more here, and tell us if you agree. 

Apparently the man, Joe Vandusen, never filed for divorce from his estranged wife. He says he hasn't seen her in over 16 years. That didn't stop the Iowa Department of Human Resources from sending him a letter ordering that he pay child support for a one-year-old kid that's NOT his. According to the Des Moines Register, the Department of Human Resources says that in cases like Vandusen’s, a husband would be considered the legal father of his wife’s newborn child.

Vandusen has established a fundraiser to help with his legal expenses. The amount of child support that he will be expected to pay has not yet been established, he said, but the initial cost of an attorney will be about $2,000.

What do you think?