A group in Byron has big, wet plans for the city. They call themselves the Pool Committee and they are proposing a $9-million dollar outdoor aquatic center. The project would allow for a max capacity of nearly 800 people and would include waterslides, a lazy river, a lap pool, a spray pad, a bathhouse and more. They also have a $12-million dollar proposal to have a portion of the complex indoors.

I don't live in Bryon, so my opinion means zilch since Byron residents will be the ones paying for this project. Depending on the final cost and price point of your home, it could increase the average homeowner's taxes anywhere from $170-$600 a year. I would TOTALLY back a project like this in Rochester, just saying.

The City of Byron shared the estimates on their Facebook page and residents are torn. Some are backing the plan, while others are saying the cost is too much.

To learn more and see the layout of the complex, click here.

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