There isn't much of a debate over what you'd classify an apple as (fruit), or what you'd call a carrot (vegetable). The tomato on the other hand often sparks some debate over where you'd classify it, (fruit). But what about corn? It seems pretty straight forward right? Without blinking I said vegetable. According to this, it is technically a fruit. Let me break it down for you. 

How fruits and vegetables are classified by what part of the plant we are eating. Generally speaking, a fruit is according to this article as "a seed-bearing structure" (apple/strawberry) that is created "from the ovary of a flowering plant". Vegetables are all other parts of the plant like the leaves and roots (think lettuce/carrots).

OK still with me? Good. Now think about a cob of corn. It's yellow and has like 400 kernels on it. Kernels are seeds. So corn would then by definition be a seed-bearing structure and is formed from the plant ovary. 

*BOOM* My mind initially exploded.

If you really want to get really into some other aspects of fruits, vegetables, and how grain is actually a fruit you can read the whole article here.

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