I was cruising down Hwy 63 for a fun night at Deer Creek Speedway and noticed a sign at the edge of Stewartville that seemed just a bit...impossible.  Have you seen this sign just South of Stewartville?

What is this impossible sign?  Well, it is actually two signs.  If you hop on Hwy 63 and drive through Stewartville, you will see a speed limit sign at the South edge of the town that says 30 mph.  Just a tiny bit farther, (like a few blinks worth) the speed limit changes to 55 mph.

I tend to obey the speed limit but this one is just impossible to speed up that fast.  Trust me, I tried!  I actually drove that way again just to try and see if my car could go from 30 mph to 55 mph in those few seconds.  It could not.

I'm thinking it is time to get a faster car.  ;)

Jessica Williams - TSM Rochester
Jessica Williams - TSM Rochester

What odd signs have you seen?  I'd love to see pics or know where those are at!  Send me a message with the details on my Facebook page or to jessica.williams@townsquaremedia.com

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