Today's Parent Court of Public Opinion comes from a Facebook mom. She is NOT happy about something happening in her child's classroom. Here's what she had to say (I changed the kid's name)...

OK, it's RANT time! What is happening in our schools? It's like my kids aren't welcome anymore because they like traditional values and holidays! Oh, I'm so angry I could scream. Mikes teacher isn't letting them having a Valentines party this year! There's a kid whose family doesn't celebrate holidays so none of them get to celebrate Valentines! I found out when we were reading before bed. I asked do we need to buy valentines for class honey and he said no, they're not having valentines. I go what? You don't get a valentines party? And he's like no, we're having a death by chocolate party! This is just PC run amok! The teacher is just relabeling it and its still being celebrated! I loved valentines day parties in grade school So much fun this kids are missing out on. Just not fair!

What do you think?

One mom commented, "I don’t understand ‘building diversity’ by erasing differences. You and your family may not celebrate holidays, but it'll be all around them when they grow up, so why not learn now how to deal with it!"

I think the last part is a pretty good point actually. We learn to deal with adversity by dealing with adversity.


I know a LOT of people love Valentine's Day, but I hated it in grade school. I didn't get very many, and then they made them buy them for everyone and that was even worse because I knew a lot of them didn't mean it. Forced action like that just made me feel all alone. So I don't give two craps if they don't celebrate a totally made up to sell lovey-dovey stuff holiday.

The chocolate thing reminds me of Leanne Rice's birthday. Every year her mom made chocolate chip cookies for the class, but I was allergic to chocolate (RIGHT???!!!), so in first grade I got nothing. She must have told her mom because every year after that, a roll of Life-Savers was included, just for me. Her mom made an adjustment, and just like that, I was included.

Maybe that's what this is...all year round, the kid from the no-holidays-family deals fine with the classroom celebrating holidays, and so this time, they did something to include the kid.  Is that the way it went? No clue. Haven't heard back from the mom yet. But if it is, they sure picked the least important holiday, didn't they?

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