It's gonna be a warm one today!  The forecast is calling for a high temp of almost 80.  Get this-  there is a company that is selling the 'WORLD's FIRST' Drinkable Sunscreen!  

Amy Walters/ BrAt_PiKaChU/ ThinkStock

Oh yes.   The worlds first drinkable sunscreen.  They are saying that if you put a few drops of it in your water, it protects your skin ust like an SPF30 sunscreen.   It sells for $ 30. Which is really, kinda cheap, I mean, aren't most sunscreens close to that price anyways? And to think this one, you don't have to apply, you just sip away.  Hmmm.  Somehow, I can't see it tasting real well...  They do not offer any scientific evidence that it works either. Its called... 'Osmosis Skincare'...  which is interesting also.   Either way, get ready for some nice weather here... and if you do try this drinkable sunscreen, let me know if it works.