Your mom complained when you did it. She hated the noise. Maybe your dad, too. And some of your friends can't stand it when you crack your knuckles. But is it bad for you?

It'll give you arthritis!  That's the one I hear the most. "Stop, you'll never be able to use your hands when you're older if you keep cracking your knuckles!"

Well, I'm almost 50, and lookie here, Beauregard ((plays with Fidget Spinner)), I'm still movin' and groovin'.

But did I just luck out? Mayo says, no. I didn't just luck out. (ps - as you listen, see if you recognize the voice of a former KTTC anchor doing the report)

See, Beauregard? Get back to your veranda and to sippin' tea while listening to mama talk about The Vapors (mama always did love 80's music). I'll be over here crackin' away.

ps - Here's a neat trick of fate...while I love crackin' my knuckles, I hate the sound of cracking knuckles. Watching that video was almost torture for me. I had to LITERALLY look away from the screen during the knuckle crackin'.



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