For 25 plus years Rochester has topped lists of the best places to live! However, every bushel has a few bad apples. A while back, we looked into the stats and found where you might not be the safest. 

The majority of people that live in the neighborhoods below are wonderful people, but these three areas in Rochester have the highest crime rates, according to Neighborhood Scout. The list is based on all crimes reported. Visit the site for detailed information on these and other neighborhoods.

Despite the higher crime rates in these areas, we want you to know that you are still very safe in Rochester.  As a matter of fact, your chances of being a victim of crime in Rochester are much lower than the statewide average. According to the site, the odds of something happening to you in Rochester are 1 in 543 - the statewide odds for Minnesota are 1 in 436.

The website allows you to see specifically what kind of calls police are responding to in specific areas around town.




Be safe with fireworks, click HERE (or on the picture) and follow these tips, OK?

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