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Driving by Party City, in the TJ Maxx Plaza, I noticed a sign on the door that looked more ominous than usual. Lots of stores have closed signs, but this one says, "Maybe we're closed forever" to me. So I did some checking.

Photo Credit: James Rabe - TSM

Calls and emails have gone unanswered. Peeking inside, it looks...well...not closed up for good, but not NOT closed up for good, either. Kinda looks like a store that's been doing curbside pickup (which they have been). It would surprise me if it was closed for good...why?

Photo Credit: James Rabe - TSM

Because back on March 8th, I put together this story about Party City making their TJ Maxx Plaza store smaller, but taking over Dress Barn to make their party footprint in Party City USA (Rochester, MN, obviously), even bigger.

Back in November, Rochester's Dress Barn started its liquidation (see that story here). A good size space like that, people were hoping it wouldn't stay empty long. They got their wish, so it's time to party!

What's the party all about? Party City. It's been in the TJ Maxx Plaza, but the national chain that's already in a small TJ Maxx Plaza space filed a building permit to do about half-a-million-dollars worth of renovation. It would at least double, if not triple their current store's space. (Full story)

Construction never began because, well, Covid-19 came along and messed up everyone's plans.Then, last month, it was announced Party City was going to start closing a bunch of store. So, we're in limbo, as soon as I know more, I'll pass it along, unless YOU hear more first, then let me know at: james.rabe@townsquaremedia.com

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