Jeff Kiger, the Business News and Tips Guru at the Rochester Post Bulletin, Tweeted an  intriguing thought...does it mean we're getting a new coffee shop downtown?

Here's the Tweet...

Now, I'm all for more coffee shops. But I love local, so I'm hoping IF the Tweet means if it's going to happen, it's a local competitor. Chain coffee is fine, but as much as I love Caribou, the truth is, all their stores feel the same to me.

I love me some local flavor. An owner of a business brings in their own personality, so it's unique.

Then, of course, there are things for which I hope. A certain look, a bountiful amount of cozy spaces, well lit tables, lots of outlets, and, a "solo" table. A table big enough for many people, but not for parties. For people there solo, but looking for conversation. Chitchat.


When I was young, my dad and I went to the Detroit Press Club and they had such a table. We sat with all sorts of interesting people, good stories, thoughtful arguments, boisterous jokes. it was fun. And if you just wanted to be with people, but not take part in the conversation,t hat was cool. You could just sit and take it in.

I was a sit-and-take-it-inner. But I was probably 12 or 13, and knew I had to bring my top game if I was going to throw in with these journalists.

So, that's what I reallllly want. Maybe it exists already, and I just haven't been told about it. Or I haven't seen it. But to me, the best thing about a coffee shop is the human interaction taking place. The dates, the chats, the meetings, the just sitting-and-watching. It's like a bar, but you can drive home every time.

It was just National Donut Day, so I went back to October to remember my first Peanut Butter Cup Donut!  ((harp sounds)) Let's go back...

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