I've seen some big construction size dumpsters outside the Pizza Hut near Snappy Stop in Rochester. Then I read about Pizza Hut changing their name...is that the work that's going on?

Let's back up a bit. The story said another well-established chain restaurant with millions of customers is changing their name. The company in question is taking a page out of IHOP's playbook and changing their name until February 3rd at Midnight.

The company is PIZZA HUT, and they're changing their name to PIZZA HUT HUT, but just 'til the Super Bowl is over. I think Pizza Hut Hut is kinda clever. They've changed it online, and at one store in Atlanta (which makes sense, that's where the game is). They're doing it as a promotion because they've replaced Papa John's as an NFL sponsor.

Will it happen in Rochester. No. But you could still call 'em up as say, "Give me a hut hut!"


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