Is the CMX Chateau Cinema movie theater opening back up in Rochester?

About a year ago, the CMX Chateau theater in northeast Rochester closed its doors, just like everyone else when the COVID-19 pandemic hit.  But, when movie theaters had the opportunity to open back up with limited capacity, this one didn't.  In fact, the movie theater and basically all of the locations in Minnesota that were owned by this chain were removed from their website.  What left everyone puzzled though was a graphic on their main page that said "Coming Soon your favorite movie theater will be back".


I reached out to the company back in September and asked if they would be reopening but never heard from them.  I sent e-mails, tried calling, drove over there and it was very much closed with no indication for months that they would be reopening.  You can see that original story here. I see Rochester back on the CMX Cinema website?

Well, well, well, just like that, changes seem to have happened and there is a glimmer of hope that the CMX Cinema may actually see customers again.

The graphic with the words "Coming Soon" is still on the website but right there under the locations tab and MN on their website is the word "Rochester" and if you make a few clicks, the following message shows up:

Thank you for your interest joining us back at CMX (location)! We are working hard toward a re-opening date and we hope to have you back at the movies this Spring! In the meantime, please follow our social sites and subscribe to our newsletter for the latest developments.

Fingers crossed we get to sit back in their recliners and enjoy some amazing movies and scrumptious popcorn soon.  If I hear an update, I'll have the info up on my Facebook page - Jessica On the Radio - or Instagram.

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Credit: Jessica Williams
Credit: Jessica Williams

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