South Park was pretty huge in the 90' it Minnesota's #1 90's cartoon? To find out, we have to go to this blog because they checked every state to see our favorites! South Park didn't even make the cut (apparently, parents weren't as slack as people were saying at the time).

So what is number one? Well, to keep it clean and noncontroversial, the site looked at Saturday-Morning cartoons, mostly. Y'wander downstairs in your jammies, get a bowl of cereal, add milk, grab a spoon, sit down, remember you wanted the box of cereal next to you, and the milk, too, so you go get it and now, you're ready to watch Saturday Morning Cartoons!

#1 Nationwide: Batman: The Animated Series! (Not the Simpsons? Nope, they didn't arrive until 1989!)

# 1 in Minnesota? Arthur!

To our east, Wisconsin loves Recess, in Iowa, Batman: TAS won. In North Dakota, it was Dexter’s Laboratory, and in South Dakota, The Magic School Bus!

Do you want to see the whole list? Just click HERE.

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