Remember the 'grape salad' controversy from a couple of years ago?  The New York Times ran an article about the specific food each state made for Thanksgiving dinner.  The problem was that no one from Minnesota had ever heard of what was supposedly our Thanksgiving favorite: grape salad.  I actually found the recipe and made some for our Thanksgiving dinner that year and was almost kicked out of the family because of it!

So, you can imagine my reluctance to check out the Thrillist list of the grossest foods from each state.  I completely agree with some of the selections: Maine's Tomalley, Kentucky's lamb fries and North Dakota's lutefisk -one of the unfortunate upper Midwestern states had to draw THAT short straw.  However I disagree with the other items termed 'gross' from our region.  Chislic in South Dakota (which wasn't 'invented' when I was a kid) loose meat from Iowa and butter burgers in Wisconsin are all delish.

But what about Minnesota, you ask?  Well, prepare for a grape salad de'ja' vous; it's the pickle dog.  It's a slice of roast beef wrapped around a pickle, sauerkraut and Thousand Island dressing  I've never even HEARD of the pickle dog, but I think it sounds fabulous and would love to give it a try!  Do you know any restaurants that serve pickle dogs?


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