Last year, the Mall of America was rated the most exciting tourist trap in Minnesota. Its easy to see is huge, it has a bajillion stores, and people always go, "Holy wow!" (or something like that), when they see it.

Well, this year, the Mall of America was rated the most boring tourist trap in Minnesota! Not being a fan of the hugeness and all the people, I'm with who said,

America has a problem with buying stuff, and this building featuring no fewer than 520 shops is the mecca of that obsession. Minnesota’s population is about 5.6 million, but 40 million people visit this consumerist monstrosity annually.

If that doesn’t haunt your should.

A little harsh, but OK.

SEARS HOME - Google Street View

Another option would be the Sears Home in Stewartville, MN. According to this website...

James Sears, father of Richard Sears, was an early pioneer of Stewartville. He worked as a blacksmith. The family lived in this house until 1869 when they moved to nearby Spring Valley.

Cool, definitely. But is it exciting? That's why I'm offering it up. At least at the MOA you can grab some overpriced food, lose your car in the parking ramp, and curse out strangers on 494.

ps - When Sears moved to Spring Valley, guess who his best friend became? Almanzo Wilder!  Whoa.

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