When I orded a soft pretzel, I wasn't expecting this!

It all started on Saturday night when I went to dinner with my husband and some friends after we spent the day exploring Minneapolis. My friends decided that they wanted to try Rooster's since they haven't been there before.

We arrived, we all ordered "goliath" beers (Guinness for me!) and weren't too hungry (but hungry enough) - so we opted for appetizers.

I chose the "over sized pretzel", but I didn't think it would be this big!

TSM Rochester
TSM Rochester

I THOUGHT IT WAS GOING TO EAT ME INSTEAD! It also came with a tasty side of hot cheese (and by hot, I do mean slightly spicy).

This thing was bigger than my head. I'm not kidding.

By now, I bet you're asking if I finished the whole thing. The truth is, I finished three-quarters of it and had to recruit assistance after. The whole thing was delicious and I highly recommend it!

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