We know all about the small emoji's that show up on our phones and we know that Minnesota has a popular emoji that we are all using, but where exactly is the largest emoji in nature?  Well, I'm pretty sure I found it in Southeast Minnesota!

I came across the largest man-made smile emoji in some rocks on the side of a hill in Rochester.  (Check out the picture below)  It's not perfect, or yellow, or with a cartoon appearance but it is NOT something you expect to see as you are driving by.  If you want to see it too, here are some directions so you can find it:

  • Take a drive on North Broadway and keep driving North all the way to 37th Street NE.
  • When you get to the intersection of Broadway and 37th Street, keep going North.  Shopko will be on your Right and a bunch of other great businesses.
  • Turn right on the road that leads to Shopko and if you look up, the smile will be right there staring back at you!

Didn't see it?  Sometimes the sun is not hitting this rock at the right angle and it is hard to see, but most afternoons, that smile is shining bright!

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