Winter Survival Kits For Your Vehicle -  Minnesota Department of Public Safety

- Three-pound coffee can, candle stubs and matches which can be used to melt
snow for additional drinking water
- Metal or plastic cup
- Red bandanna and a plastic whistle to alert rescuers to your location
- Pencil and paper
- First aid kit, including any essential medications
- Plastic flashlight with spare batteries (reverse the batteries to avoid accidental
switching and burnout, and replace batteries yearly)
-Two large plastic garbage bags, safety pins (bags are for insulation for feet,
safety pins keep the bags together)
-Snack foods for energy, such as candy bars.
- Some other items that you should carry include gloves or mittens, winter boots, a
blanket and/or sleeping bag, jumper cables, a basic toolbox, shovel, bag of sand or other
grit for traction, tow cable or chain, road flares and reflectors. You could also consider
an extra set of dry clothing or a snowmobile suit.
- Whenever traveling in winter, call ahead to your destination and tell when you intend to
leave, your travel route, and your expected time of arrival.
- If you become stranded, never leave your vehicle. Your chances of survival greatly
increase if you stay put.
- Consider carrying a cellular phone for use during emergencies. Find a safe place to pull
off the road when you need to make a call.

Travel Safely!