I had a little bit of excitement on the drive home Friday night...

Dave's Driver's Ed Class. Justin, Bella, Ethan
Dave's Driver's Ed Class. Justin, Bella, Ethan

Remember How I was tell you about teaching the kids to drive?

(This is exactly how I see myself backing out of the driveway. Every. Time.)

(Now, this is how my wife, Cathy, sees me driving. Any. Where.)

I was driving home Friday night along West River Parkway, between Elton Hills Drive and 37th Street. Y'know, where that park is? And where the deer usually run across the road, early in the morning and late at night.

All I know, is I was driving along at a reasonable speed, minding my own business. I saw the FIRST deer. That's when I hit the brakes. I did not see the second deer - until we were looking each other through the windshield.

I'm not sure who had a more "deer in the headlights" look. The real deer, or myself.

Bambi's body slammed the front passenger side of the vehicle, Duke slid off the hood, clattering to the pavement. It shook itself off, stood up and carried on.

I pulled into the HyVee parking lot to assess the damage.


I didn't notice something important until Saturday morning.


Bambi's front end body slam shattered my passenger side rear view mirror!

Now, I know the kids' reaction...

The good news is, I'm okay. And, apparently, so is Bambi.

I had no idea that what I was driving was loaded! I hope I don't get in trouble for hunting without a license!

Fingers crossed.


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