With temperatures all over the board during this crazy April weather month, lots of snow has melted quickly. One Minnesota driver attempted to drive through a flooded road.

There have been frequent flooding warnings all across the state for this time of year. Last week didn't help when some areas of Minnesota reached temperatures near the 80s. Springtime in the Land of 10,000 Lakes can be a wonderful time.

People enjoy the warmer temps, plus people enjoy seasonal places opening up. Some of the Northland's seasonal places include the Portland Malt Shoppe which due to cold temps had to push back their opening date. Gordy's Hi-Hat in Cloquet is another fan favorite. I'm also anxiously awaiting the opening of A & Dubs.

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With all the snow melting, the National Weather Service in Duluth issued their final Spring Flood Outlook for the area and based on their 'Observed Winter Precipitation' and 'Snowpack/Liquid Equivalent' analysis.

One Minnesota driver in Hinckley attempted to drive through a flooded road. The Pine County Sherriff's Office shared the picture on their social media and reminded people of the dangers of flooded roads.

The post said

PSA: Please do not attempt to drive into/over flooded areas. No one was injured in this incident but please, turn around, and don't drown.


Luckily, the driver was not injured, but still a scary moment. The unofficial Facebook page of Hinckley also shared the photo with the caption "Please do not attempt to drive through barricades and water over the roadways."

Please drive safely and be aware of flooded roads.

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