We're LOVIN' the 80's again...this time, with a big ol' smooch to 1987!

We're starting something new today at 4. Dave will step into the Y-Back Machine so he can play the top four songs from this week from 1987! And, while he's there, he'll grab a bunch of newspapers and magazines so we can do fun tidbits and trivia about 1987 all weekend long!

For instance...the #1 movie from 1987? Three Men and a Baby!

By the way...never saw it. I never saw 3 Men and a Baby. But, I was kinda busy. I'd just moved to Rochester and was busy trying to convince Bill Davis to hire me on 106.9 KROC.

One of the most major and memorable One Hit Wonders hit in 1987....Paul Lekakis and his pants.

In 1987 the average rent was just below $400, a new car would cost you $10,000, a gallon of gas was 89 cents, bacon was a $1.80 a pound, eggs were 65 cents a dozen, and it cost 24 cents to send a letter.

Inii news, the anti-AIDS drug AZT was approved, a guy named Bob was the first convicted using DNA (it happened in England), disposable contact lenses hit the the market and the Jim Bakker PTL Club scandal happened.

Jim Bakker ended up living here in the Federal Medical Center!

What were you doing in 1987?


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