It's another Y-Loves the 80's Weekend, but this time...with a twist! We're delivering your requests right to you! It's another great feature for our Hardy Geranium VIP Club members (if you're not a member, it takes seconds to sign up and we don't SPAM you)!

Remember calling the DJ for your favorite song? Then, sitting by the radio, hand on the play/record button, ready to add it to your mix-tape? Well, those days are back, but it's 2017, so let's use technology to make it easier!

Just tell us the 80's song you want to hear, and if you're one of the at least 25 we guarantee to pick and play, we'll send you a text or email letting you know when we'll play your song!

With Lois Lane from the Superman films, Margot Kidder.
From the Bergchives

You can even pick the best time to hear your favorite 80's tune! Plus we'll give you a shout out on the air!

Just fill in the form below (we keep phone numbers and emails private...we won't say anything but your name) and get ready for the party to start Friday at 3 with Dave Berg!