I was in high school, the music was awesome and so are the memories! Bring 'em back all weekend long starting at 3 today (because on the NEW Y-105FM, our weekends always begin early!)..

What were you doing in the 80's? My mom was fortunate, she had her last of six kids going thru high-school 'til 81986. Maybe people in town talked about how blessed she was to have such a wonderful son. Caring, loving, not a drinker, and so soooo respectful.

All true. I was such a great kid. See?

james rabe in high school

I'm the sassy gent in the striped tie. Right there in the middle. Totally hated high school (really) until my senior year. Then, BOOM! The 80's rocked!

Well, most of the year. My prom date was a little liquored up pre-prom, so that caused some trouble with my mom.

She was cooking a fancy dinner for us. I went to pick her up, I saw she was walking with some difficulty, so I brought her in thru the front (not the way we usually go), so she was seated before my mom  came in.

It was like a scene from a sitcom, trying to get her in and out of there without my mom seeing her wobble.

I remember the dress really well...was awesome. Pink and white stripes, lots of poop and lace. Oh, the 80's!

Most of my guy friends agree, hair in the 80's is the best. Love short hair? Love big mall hair? It had it all.

I loved big mall hair UNTIL my home-coming dance, and my date's hair made me cry. Literally. I went in for a kiss, her hair, holding seven cans of Aqua-Net, poked me in the eye. The hair spray plus the stiffness of the hair and I was down for the count.

"Look! Rabe's crying!"

((sob sob sob)) I'm NOT CRYING!!!!"

Anyway...'s another Y Loves the 80's Weekend and I hope it brings you all the feelz!

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