Friday is Find the Love Friday, where you'll have two chances to grab a Golden Ticket for the brand new Subaru Outback from Clements Subaru! But where to go? Here's the first in a series of odd Minnesota places you could go!

Listen to Tracy starting at 11AM to Find the Love by finding a Golden Ticket! And then find James at HyVee on West Circle Drive from Noon to 1 for another two chances to win a Golden Ticket so you can win the 2 year lease on the Subaru Outback!


Then...when you win, where do you go? How 'bout the first in a series of the oddest places to visit in Minnesota?

The Saint Paul City Hall and Ramsey County Courthouse. Sound dull? Nope.  Very cool.  My brother John used to live and work in the MSP, and said it is amazing, and he was right! Odd, and amazing.

They bought the bonds to build the thing just before The Depression, and then built it during The Depression, when that money was worth a lot more, so they went all out and built a beautiful Art Deco masterpiece.

Check out some of the pics.  And then, sometime, check out the Saint Paul City Hall and Ramsey County Courthouse. There's no guided tour, but if you're willing to walk around a cool old building, free is a pretty good price to see and feel something so oddly cool.