It's Hard To Be A Cat At Christmas!  This video even stars Grumpy Cat.  This video, posted by PurinaFriskies has generated a large donation for charity to provide cats with food for Christmas. For every view, up to 500,000, Friskies donated one can of wet cat food to shelter and rescue organizations across the country.  They have already reached that amount, and now have well over 2,000,000 views.

Personally, I think it's hard to be a cat owner at Christmas.  I don't have cats anymore, but I used to have 3 of them.   I remember every year, I had to put the Christmas tree in the front three season porch room because if I didn't, (and shut the door), the cats would climb on the tree, knock all of the decorations off, or even knock the tree down, and it became the daily ritual to have to clean up the mess that the cats made of the Christmas tree this time of year!   I could never understand why they always wanted to climb the tree.   It seemed like the craziest idea ever, but they had it, every few minutes.   All 3 of them.   I know it was pretty, and I know the lights and decorations were inviting.

My brilliant solution to that predicament was to shut the glass french doors in my house, so that the beautiful tree could be seen, yet, no harm was done to either the cat's or the beautiful display.   It really did work!  Christmas day was never much fun, because trying to get the presents out from under the tree without a cat obstacle course, an injury to the cat(s), or broken ornaments was always difficult.  If there was a reason the door opened, this was always the scenario.

I don't know if dogs do this or not, I get that it's probably instinct, but they were so 'into' the Christmas tree.

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