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Hilarious Midwest Siri Video Going Viral in Minnesota and Wisconsin

"Midwest Siri" has hit the internet world and has all of us who have long 'O's" in Minnesota falling out of our chairs laughing.  If you haven't seen the latest viral video by Charlie Berens, just keep reading.  WARNING FOR GREEN BAY PACKERS LOVERS: there is one spot you may just want to mute.

As Charlie states on his YouTube page, "Introducing Midwest Siri, better known as Sheryl, Sheryl Lizinski."

Because I want to accomplish nothing else today, PLEASE send me other funny videos that you have found.  You can find me a whole bunch of ways including sending me links on our app (just hit chat) or send me a message to my Facebook page (Jessica On The Radio) or DM me on Instagram.

13 Things You Should Never Do When It Is Below Zero

Speaking of the midwest, every year when it hits temperatures below zero, I always ask myself, "Why do I live here?".  If I'm completely honest, I have no idea.  The cold hurts my face.  My chances of falling because of ice on the sidewalks is huge and driving on the ice is so overrated.  I do know that when temps are below freezing, there are 13 things you NEVER want to do.  That full list is just below.

13 Things Minnesotans Should NOT Do When It is Below Zero

The temperatures in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois can get to dangerous levels and when you see those numbers dip below freezing, use this as a rule of thumb to keep you and your stuff safe.

Gallery Credit: Jessica Williams

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