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The house in Rochester with a cave was just featured on YouTube!

You know that house in Rochester, Minnesota that everyone was talking about last week that has a cave?  It was just featured in a YouTube video...cave creatures and all!  One of the grossest shows up at 5:45 in the video.

If you missed the story, a historic house that just went on the market in Rochester has a cave inside.  It is called the Plummer Pump House and is located at 933 11th Street SW in Rochester.  If you didn't get a chance to tour it during the open house, you can see all of it in this YouTube video.

Did you see the cave cricket in the video?

You can see it at 5:45 on the video.  These are nasty creatures and go by a few different names including Spider Crickets and unfortunately are in lots of homes throughout Rochester.  If you don't have a cave though, you probably have a serious problem because they can eat almost everything in your house, including your carpet.  I know this because I had these nasty creatures in my house and here are a few facts you should know:

Nasty Facts about the Most Disgusting Insect: Spider Crickets

WARNING: These facts about spider crickets may make your skin crawl.

See more photos of the cave house in Rochester

I'm still amazed that the cave in the house was created by hand.  So much history there!  The video shows quite a bit of the house but some professional photos were also taken of the cave house in Rochester and you can take a view of Rochester history below.

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Historic Rochester Home For Sale For The First Time in 34 Years

The Plummer Pump House in Rochester Minnesota was just listed to the public for the first time in 34-years. The listing price is $550,000. This house is located right by the Plummer house and water tower. Keep scrolling to see inside and underground!

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